Hose reel system for milk collection tankers
TYPE RN 2528

Ryno Steel Inox Products in the Netherlands manufactures
stainless steel hose reels for milktruck collection tankers.


These motor driven stainless steel hose reels are specially build for the Mobile Milk Collection trucks, abbreviated to 'RMO' from the Dutch.





The small construction of the hosereel makes it possible
to mount the hosereel into a small place in the cabinet
of the milk collection tanker.

To rewind the hosereel, there are 3 options:

* electric driven
* compressed air driven
* hydraulic driven

All systems are fully assembled and supplied with
roller hose guide


This picture shows a 2" (50,8mm) milkreel
for winding 10 meters milkhose.



Operating switch

The hosereels are easy to operate with this
control box.
Simply push the button and the system will
rewind the hose.

*All hose reel systems supplied with speed/torque regulator
*Emergency power switch



Radio remote control

As an option the hosereel system can be
supplied with radio remote control.

To rewind the hosereel the radio remote control
can be used for easy operation.



Hosereel type NW/size Max. volumestream Max. hoselength Measurements* hxbxl

RN 2528-NW50

NW 50 tot 500 ltr/min. 10 mtr 1060x300x1000mm
RN 2528-NW65 NW 65 tot 1000 ltr/min. 10 mtr


Ryno Steel hose reels for food and beverage are FDA approved.



Custom build hose reels

When there is not enough space to mount our standard hose reel, we can make hosereels on customers

In this cabinet we mounted
a custom build hose reel.








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